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Sean Gauthier  "The Goat-inator!"

Thanks a bunch to Ron Chambers for letting me use the Goats Graphics he designed!
Visit his Hockey Page

Lady Sean Gauthier's page - My main page about the San Jose Sharks

The Unofficial Sean Gauthier Fan Club - My fan club for Goats

Pilot Pride - An Unofficial Fan Page for the Pensacola Ice Pilots

Hultgren's Hangout - Vanessa's unofficial fan page for the totally talented defenseman Kelly Hultgren

The Crazy For Frankie! fan page - The official fan page for Francois Sasseville

Planet Passarelli - A fan page for that special, skillful center Valentino Passarelli

Pensacola Ice Pilots - Official Site of Sean's former team the Ice Pilots of the ECHL

Kentucky Thoroughblades - Official Site of Sean's current team the Thoroughblades of the AHL

TBlades Hockey - Keith's unofficial Thoroughblades fan page

San Jose Sharks - Official Site of the San Jose Sharks