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Welcome to the official fan page of one of the hottest goalies in minor league hockey!

UPDATE 9/23/99!!!!!! It was reported on a local news station that the IceGators are in negotiations with former NHL and ECHL goalie Sean Gauthier. They reported that the organization is close to signing a deal with him.

--Thanks to Angie Carter for the info

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Last Modified: Thursday, September 23, 1999

"You can't get our Goats," "Sean Gauthier 33, " and "San Jose Shark Sean" graphics are brought to you courtesy of Ron Chambers. Photos of Sean Gauthier in Charlotte, NC were provided by Angie Carter and Audrey Paul (THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT SNAPSHOTS!!!). Most graphics on this page were designed by Vanessa Johnson. Most of the pics on this page are either by Vanessa Johnson, Angie Carter, Audrey Paul, Kirsten, the Pensacola News Journal, or Flightline Magazine. Even though this page is the official page of Sean Gauthier, I do not keep in touch with Sean himself.

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