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Goats Gallery

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Welcome to my gallery for Goats pictures!

Pictures on display here in the gallery are from when Sean played for the Kingston Frontenacs, the Winnipeg Jets, the South Carolina Stingrays, the Pensacola Ice Pilots, Team Canada in the IIHF tournament, the Kentucky Thoroughblades, and the San Jose Sharks.

Some pics are already displayed while most can be seen through a link.
Please ask for permission to use photos.

Have fun!

Sean Gauthier, Pensacola Ice Pilot Goaltender 1996-98
Overall Regular Season Record: 52-38-8

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Other Pictures of Goats
Goats with Ice Pilot fan Holli
At An Autograph Session March 1997

Action Shots of Goats

Rumble with the Mysticks
Gauthier Makes the Save #1
Gauthier Makes the Save #2
  Playoffs vs. Tallahassee 1997 (1)
  Playoffs vs. Tallahassee 1997 (2)
The IIHF World Championships 1997
Goats in the Big Easy
Playoffs   vs Louisiana 1998
Playoffs vs Louisiana 1998
Playoffs vs Hampton Roads 1998
Playoffs vs Hampton Roads 1998
Practice Picture

Goats, the ECHL All-Star - Photos of Goats in his first ECHL all-star appearance in January 1998

goats_char1.jpg (21996 bytes) Shots from Charlotte.......
Thanks very much to Angie Carter and Audrey Paul for these pictures!

Another Great Shot of Goats
Goats with Audrey
Goats with Angie


More photos by Angie Carter....

Picture from game 3 of Southern Conference Finals 1998
Here's a pic of Sean with Angie's adorable bundle of joy, Matt
Sean Before A Faceoff
Another Shot Before A Faceoff

A step back in time.....
Photos of Sean taken before he suited up in an Ice Pilot uniform

SeanCard.jpg (28870 bytes)

This is a card of Goats when he was playing in the Ontario Hockey League. The card comes to you courtesy of Boileau27 (Thanks, Lindsay!)

(Photos taken and/or provided by Angie Carter).

Sean as a South Carolina Stingray

South Carolina Stingray
Sean Picture #2

South Carolina Stingray
Sean Picture #3

Sean Moves Up

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San Jose Shark Training Camp for Goats
Sean spent quite a bit of time with the NHL's San Jose Sharks at Training Camp '98. I had the opportunity to get a few good pictures of Sean, and even one with Sean!

san_jose_sean1.jpg (11488 bytes)

Another Training Camp Photo
Me and Sean


gautshark.jpg (64134 bytes) See pictures of Sean playing in the NHL as a San Jose Shark!
We bought tickets to that game just to see Sean play, and he ended up in net for the last four minutes of the game.


     Goats the Thoroughblade

These Pictures can be found on this Kentucky Thoroughblade Fan Page by Keith

Leading the Way
Amidst the Action
Post Game Interview
Sean surveying the ice
Headphones make such great clothing accessories.*** :)

*** Photo by Autumn is exclusively for Goats Corner and is not to be used on any other website.

See some funny pics of Goats dancing in the Kentucky Thoroughblades' locker room

Thanks to Kirsten for great pic of Sean below and the shot displayed above! :)

new!     Sean taking some time to think

Most pics on this page from the Pensacola News Journal and Flightline Magazine. Thanks to Vanessa Johnson for providing these!!! Special thanks to Boileau27 for giving me the OHL card of Goats. Very, very special thanks to Angie Carter and Audrey Paul for giving me the great pictures. Roller hockey pic of Goats is from some ad found by Vanessa in the Hockey News. TBlade pictures were provided by Keith and Kristen.

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